Nationally Featured Collection


In 2017, I posted a photo of my hockey card collection to my personal Twitter account and it received 502 Retweets and 1485 Likes. I am very humbled to say that because of my tweet, this hockey card collection received national recognition as it was featured on the following media outlets:

  • APTN National News (2017)

  • Beckett Live Podcast (2020)

  • Beckett Media website (2017)

  • CBC  (2017)

  • CBC Edmonton AM Radio (2017)

  • CBC Radio Toronto (2017)

  • CityTV Edmonton  (2017)

  • CTV Edmonton (2017)

  • Instagram Live with Ken Reid (2020)

  • Metro Edmonton (2017)

  • Oilers Live Podcast (2020)

  • Sports Cards Live (2020)

  • True North Photo Journal Volume 1 (2019)

  • Windspeaker National News (2017)


Additionally, this hockey card collection was shown during a nationally televised NHL game in Canada between the Montreal Canadiens and Carolina Hurricanes on both Sportsnet and APTN during Hometown Hockey in March 2019. It has been a huge honour and an amazing experience to share my hockey collection with many people.